Ukraine: Villages on the Russian border gripped by fear | DW | 2022

People in the Donbas region of southeastern Ukraine are afraid the conflict there will escalate. The region has been in the grips of war for eight years.

Ukrainian civilians prepare to join the fight against Russia | DW | 2022

Fear of a Russian invasion is growing in Ukraine. Civilians are also training to be soldiers.
For weeks, Russia has been massing troops on the border with Ukraine. Many fear a Russian invasion. Should Russia actually attack and advance further into Ukrainian territory, the Ukrainian army would probably face troops that are many times better equipped. So a number of volunteers in Kiev and other cities are preparing for a different scenario: If Russia does invade, they plan to join the armed resistance in the occupied territories. How much such a force could actually accomplish is unclear. Women are also among them, like doctor Marta Yuzkiv, who trades her cozy suburban home for a muddy drill ground on weekends.

Xinjiang: China’s Muslim minorities | DW | 2021

Beijing has been subjecting the ethnic Uighur minority in the region of Xinjiang to repressions for years. Now, it has grown into a form of cultural warfare that even affects Uighurs in exile. Human rights activists say China is committing genocide.

Flight MH370: Five years of uncertainty | DW | 2019

Five years ago flight MH370, bound for Beijing, disappeared from radar screens. To this day no one knows what happened to the plane or where its wreckage is to be found. Jiang Hui’s mother was on board. He’s fighting for the investigation to resume.

Bicycle comeback in Beijing? | Chinas shared bikes | DW | 2018

Beijing was once filled with bicycles. But as prosperity grew, those who could swapped their bikes for automobiles. Now bike-share systems have hit the scene. Will two-wheeled transportation soon rule the roads in China’s capital once again?

Tough play | China’s female pro gamers | DW | 2018

Alice Zhang is living her dream. She earns money playing computer games. But to survive in China’s booming gaming scene you have to keep winning, and attract sponsors. And, in this male-dominated industry, that’s far from easy.

Child trafficking in China | A mother is searching for her son | DW | 2018

Tan Jingjing from China is convinced her son was sold to traffickers by her ex-husband. She’s been searching for him for three years; by now he would be five. She hasn’t received any help from the authorities. But there is a glimmer of hope.

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Rooftopping | Climbing high in Shanghai | DW | 2017

Rooftopper Jason Huang spends his weekends scaling Shanghai’s rooftops. Getting past the guards at skyscraper entrances is no easy feat either.

Concubine Hunter | Tracking down adulterers | DW | 2017

Twenty years ago, Zhang Yufen found out that her husband was having an affair – and divorced him. After that, Zhang became China’s first female private detective – usually tracking down wealthy men who cheat on their wives.


Cameroon: Binam’s Music business threatened by piracy | DW | 2015

Ruben Binam’s passion is music. He is a pianist. Like most Cameroonian musicians, he is facing the challenge of making a living, as music is mostly sold on counterfeited disks in the markets. Ruben’s answer has been to become a producer and find ways to distribute music legally.